Sweet Potato Music



Class Type

Tater Tots: This is an open level class recommended for ages 0-4. We will be singing, playing instruments, moving and cuddling. The songs explore rhythm, pitch, colors, tempos, numbers and babies. Newborns are welcome in the class and often enjoy the stimulation of a new environment and being surrounded by older babies & toddlers.

Small Fries: This is a brand new class designed as a fun introduction to musicianship for 3-5 year olds. Many of the songs are play based activities working on rhythm, pitch, numbers and letters, etc. We also introduce different instrument families, and move around a whole lot! Please reach out if this is something you’re interested in adding as an enrichment program to your preschool by emailing me directly: leah@sweetpotatomusicla.com.

*Classes are also available for private parties/gatherings individually or as a series, fill out the contact form to get more info.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sweet Potato Music different than other music classes?

Sweet Potato Music introduces real musical learning in a developmentally appropriate way. My classes consist of original music specifically written to tap into all that our sweet babies and toddlers are capable of. Every song sung has a purpose, whether it's creating a solid rhythmic foundation, working on hearing clear pitch centers, using movement to improve midline skills or learning how to follow call and response cues. People regularly tell me that they spend all week singing my songs at home, so as a parent you are learning alongside your little one. Read the about me section if you want to know more about my background, or reach out - I love talking about music education!

Where do you teach?

Classes are in Atwater Village at 3273 Casitas Avenue and at the Silver Lake JCC in Silver Lake.

Private Class Series are also available in your home or location with a 6 person minimum required.

Birthday Parties and Events are also available, keep in mind that this is an educational (and fun) experience, so parent participation is required at parties.

Who can bring my child to class?

Any adult over the age of 18 who is responsible for your child! Both parents are always welcome to attend, price is per child, not per adult.

Aren't babies too young to be learning musical concepts?

Our brains develop from a very young age, fundamentals such as rhythm and pitch can never be introduced too young. That being said, the musical components in Sweet Potato Music are meant to be fun and exploratory, setting the backdrop for a future in music-making and music-loving! There are many studies that show learning an instrument dramatically improves cognition and the ability to learn, as an instrumental music teacher (as well) I see brains changing before my very eyes. Sweet Potato Music is the perfect first music class for your little one, setting the backdrop for a love and appreciation of music. Give your baby or tot a head start with a music class that teaches notes, rhythms and musical concepts early on.

Make Up Policy:

Classes can be made up during any other Sweet Potato Music class time offered up to twice a semester, I ask that when possible you let me know ahead of time so accommodations and space can be made!

**On the rare occasion that I am sick with something contagious or an emergency comes up classes we be added at the end of the series to make-up what is missed. If this happens more than two times a pro-rated refund will be issued beyond the two made up classes.


Class Policies

Please do not come to class if you are sick (or put me in the incredibly awkward position of having to ask you to leave,) I will work with you to ensure you get to make-up the class, I value the health of my clientele greatly and do everything under my control to keep us all healthy!

*Additional siblings under 4 years old are welcome to join at a 50% discount, email me at leah@sweetpotatomusicla.com to get coupon code. Siblings 3 months or younger at the start of the series are free.

We ask that you remove shoes during class, we want to keep the floor clean for the little ones. Please do not park in the lot at 3273 Casitas, street parking is available. There is a lot at the JCC you can park in, street parking is available in Highland Park. No eating or drinking besides milk/water in class.

*All original songs sung in class are compositions by ©leahfayepaul - copyrighted.