Sweet Potato Music


I have to say we are huge fans of this class! We have been going for over a year. I swear our 18 month old is doing solfege practice in his crib now. But more importantly the songs are fun, the kids stay engaged the whole time and we have met so many great people. So everyone should sign-up so we can hang out! -Marie P.

My Sweet Potato and I had a WONDERFUL time in Leah's class! 
It was a warm, welcoming environment where we learned actual music terminology, and on top of it all, we've been singing songs from her class all week long! We can't wait for our next class.  -Andy C.

We love Sweet Potato Music! We think our little baby may be musical -- she loves watching people play instruments and seems to have a sense of rhythm -- so it feels really good to support that interest! Leah only uses high-quality equipment -- like, her xylophones are on key, they're not just toys that make noise -- and her songs actually teach ear-training and tempo as well as delight our kiddos and make the parents laugh. It's music class, for real, not nursery rhyme sing-a-long that any mom could lead. But since Leah is a mom, she's totally okay with babies mouthing the hand bells and crawling off to look at shadows, and she washes everything after every class. Could not be more satisfied with Sweet Potato Music!  -Laurel F

I have watched my baby really get involved with the music in class - from playing with the instruments and dancing, to needing to get close to Leah while she plays her songs - even touching her feet! Every time we sing the music at home, my little one just beams. This class has been one of my favorite ways to bond with my baby, as well as other parents and their kids. And Leah just feels like one of those people you wish was your bestie.   -Emily F

Such a great class! I brought my niece to the tot class and we had the best time! Leah has a real gift, and the class was so special. Best mommy and me music class I've been to yet! Highly recommend. Also, really cute space! -Ellen P

We love Leah's class! All original songs, with live music, instruments and other toys, that we sing the whole week through. My favorite part is that there's an undercurrent of learning - rhythms, numbers, colors and even solfege! In fact, I came into our living room the other day to my 1.5 year old daughter singing "Do re mi..." while playing her xylophone! I'm so glad I found Sweet Potato Music classes. -Diana C.

Leah is the best! My daughter started her music class when she could barely sit up, now she's crawling everywhere and loves the class even more! Not only is it super fun, but there's so much learning going on, including pitch, scales, counts, rhythm, dancing, etc., using lots of fun toys, instruments, and tools. Her classical music training is a huge plus and shines through. This class is a must for anyone looking for a baby music class. -HJ S.

These classes are warm, inclusive and fun. I like that Leah is the creator/teacher not part of a chain. She applies her background as a classical musician to create a pedagogy with teaching goals for each song that she has also composed. The room is charming, comfortable, safe and clean room. Highly recommend! - D.M

Great music (all original songs), which is awesome because I'm sick of all the traditional baby songs! My son was very engaged with the different songs, which included puppets, wooden sticks, xylophones, scarves, bubbles, and live ukulele music. Highly recommend! - Amy. P

We look forward to our daughter's Sweet Potato Music class each week. It's so much fun to see our daughter playing with musical instruments, singing songs and interacting with the other kids in class. We've even found ourselves singing songs from class at home. We're so happy we found Sweet Potato Music!   -Mike C.